What Are R3BANDS?

The R3BAND TRAINING SYSTEM is composed of two components:  

The oversized R3BAND branded BAND and the R3BAR branded MINI-BAND. 


What do the R3bands do?

Both components used in conjunction with R3Bar Alpha Pro or R3Bar Omega Pro, and The R3Box will provide a comprehensive Mobility, Strength, and Injury Reduction Program that will complement all Fitness Health, Athletic, Rehabilitative and Theraputive Environments. 

 The take anywhere, used anyplace, variable REBAND TRAINING SYSTEM is compact, portable, and can be utilized for a wide variety of stabilization, active isolated stretching, mobility, strength, pre-habilitation and rehabilitation exercises for individuals of all levels of training, ages and goals. 

 What are the benefits?

The goals of the R3BAND TRAINING SYSTEM is to provide a Safe, Effective, Efficient and Alternative Pain Free Training Method that will complement and enhance all existing training modalities.  R3Bands conform and wraps around the bodies extremities to stabilize, resist, assisted, and amplify natural joint and fascial ranges of motion. This in turn will provide the user a greater level of proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness, improved strength, posture, dynamic flexibility, mobility and overall freedom of movement throughout one’s entire kinetic chain.  Most importantly, as an effective Corrective Exercise and Active Recovery Tool, the R3AND TRAINING SYSTEM will allow the user to enhance and maintain the training adaptations and performance throughout their entire active lives.